VINO FINE & BIO PRAGUE November 2 – 3, 2020

SCHWARZ & PARTNER plans a B2B international presentation & tasting event in Prague for various fine & bio wines both from European as well as non-European countries. This B2B event is a particularly good opportunity to evaluate the response from potential B2B clients & distributors, adjust the offer and then export to the Czech Republic and possibly to Slovakia.

Especially Prague, attracting millions of visitors from different countries of the world every year and having a significant potential in the regional HORECA sector, offers various opportunities to offer new organical quality products and drinks to the market.

The VINO FINE & BIO PRAGUE 2020 is a rare and comfortable opportunity to learn & taste new types of organic wine, which, as a rule, were previously not very well known to a broad public in this country and personally meet with new suppliers and possibly to make first orders directly and later via internet.

The planned venue: Ventana Hotel Prague*****

is located in the Old Town of Prague 1 in close proximity to the Old Town square and is known for its exclusivity and high level of services.

Planned time: from 2 pm till 8 pm.

The venue and time is convenient for F&B managers of hotels, restaurants, bars, wine shop especially in Prague 1 and Prague 2 as well as for importers, retailers and wholesalers of organic food & beverages, managers of organic shops, tea rooms, online stores, companies in the HORECA sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Due to the character of the event and arrangements of the B2B meetings in advance the number of exhibitors per day is limited to 12.

An exhibitor has an option to participate through a representative.

Form of the event: B2B a mini-exhibition with guided tastings.

Entrance is for pre-registered business visitors or by invitation only and after preliminary registration with SCHWARZ & PARTNER and partners of the event.

Business visitors: importers of wine/organic wine & beverages, specialized retail and wholesale trade, online shops, representatives of hotels (5 and 4 stars), catering establishments, including wine shop, fine restaurants, cafes, bars, catering services, media.

Invitations are sent from September 2020 on the basis of personal contacts, telemarketing, recommendations of associations, chambers of Commerce, VIP guests by regular mail and e-mail. The invitations briefly describe offers of exhibitors. Invitations and information materials (newsletter) are sent via the multi-level marketing campaign of the event several times during September and October 2020.

Within the above mentioned time frame it is planned to inform the targets groups in multiple promotion waves about the event –

directly SCHWARZ & PARTNER: approximately 370 companies

through a B2B network of partners of SCHWARZ & PARTNER: around 1500 companies.

As of now the following options of participation are possible:

Start package: 500 Euro netto (CZ/EU VAT and possible Bank fees not included)

total presentation time (incl. tasting) 3 hours, presentation space 40 x 60 cm (on the table), the possibility of placing information on the Internet in the Czech language on a separate web page on – text size 800 characters with spaces.

Silver package: 1000 Euro netto (CZ/EU VAT and possible Bank fees not included)

total presentation time (incl. tasting) 6 hours, presentation space 80 x 60 cm (1 table and 2 chairs), the possibility of posting information on the Internet in Czech on a separate web page on – the volume of text 1600 characters with spaces, the ability to publish information in the above mentioned newsletter event 5 times, 20 free invitations to the event, free invitation (visa support, does not include any possible costs, is not a guarantee for obtaining a visa) for a maximum of 2 people

Gold package: 1500 Euro netto (CZ/EU VAT and possible Bank fees not included)

total presentation time (incl. tasting) 6 hours presentation space 80 x 60 cm (1 table and 2 chairs), preparation and updating of schedule of business meetings (B2B) in the Czech and English language, the translator 1 a maximum of 6 hours (consecutive translation English – Czech), translations into the Czech language and adaptation of texts for publications, events and the possibility of placing these texts on the Internet in the Czech language on a separate web page on – the volume of the text is 3200 characters with spaces, the possibility of publishing information in the above mentioned newsletter of the event in 5 issues, 40 free invitations to the event, free invitation (visa support, does not include any possible costs, is not a guarantee for obtaining a visa) for a maximum of 6 people.

The event is not intended for retail sale. Product tastings are carried out by agreement of the parties, free of charge. All liability for presentation & tasting products of the Exhibitor rests with the Exhibitor. The legislation of the Czech Republic/ EU is in force.

In a number of regions there is a system of export support, including financing of participation in exhibitions & promotion events abroad. We advise you to consult your regional chamber of commerce and local authorities on possible support in advance.

For more information about the event, please contact our regional representatives or the responsible coordinator:

Lenka Kotllárová

SCHWARZ & PARTNER, spol. s r. o.

Benediktská 5/691, 110 00 Praha 1

Tel.: +420 603 278 654


  • design of competetive advantages
  • potential target groups
  • market study & pilot interviews
  • market segmentation & positioning
  • design of communication channels
  • complex promotion in multiple waves
  • export groups & market presence



  • over 20 years of practice
  • target group oriented approach
  • Central, Southern
  • & Eastern Europe
  • comparative studies & trainings
  • seminars & business missions
  • publications & manuals
  • coaching, placements & stages


  • partner & media networks
  • DB of import oriented companies
  • telemarketing & newsletters
  • press conferences & B2B meetings
  • international trade shows
  • regional road shows
  • regional business missions


  • AMB in Stuttgart
  • MSV in Brno
  • MetalMadrid in Madid
  • TOOLEX in Sosnowiec
  • Automotive Hungary in Budapest
  • JAPAN IT Week in Tokyo
  • JIMTOF in Tokyo


  • target group oriented media selection
  • press releases in national languages
  • press distribution lists and virtual press centres
  • presentations and press conferences
  • press meetings and networking
  • press tours and interviews
  • press and publicity relations management
  • CEE/SEE/CIS PPR consulting


  • efficient tools for inter cultural adaptation
  • intuitive harmonization of internal relationships
  • realising high work potential and resource approach
  • efficient peer – to – peer communication
  • how to protect Yourself from manipulation and conversational hypnosis in the foreign environment


  • a unique results-oriented method with high activation of Your team´s Subconscious
  • high empathy with support of mirror neurons
  • better intuitive internal coordination via old Slavonic group techniques
  • innovative team energy potential tools
  • Stanislavsky´s system and new ways of team building


  • Efficient negotiations and successful B2B communication in Europe & Asia
  • Innovative presentations at international trade shows in Europe & Asia
  • Hidden Champions in the Central Europe



Automotive industry in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with visit of AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY TRADE SHOW in Budapest and automotive companies in the Central Europe > Budapest – Gyor – Bratislava – Kolin – Mlada Boleslav – Prague.